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Oak Class - Useful Information

In Oak Class we try at all times to encourage independence and confidence in all our children and have a number of routines to support this process.




Children should line up on the playground when the whistle is blown at 09:55, reception class lines up on the playground near the climbing frame between Acorn and Sycamore classes.   A member of staff will come out to the playground to welcome the children and lead them into the classroom.  For the autumn term, parents are encouraged to come into the classroom to help and support their children.


Each child will have a named peg to hang up their coat and bag which will remain theirs for the school year. Each child should have their own named water bottle and children have access to fresh, cold water from the water dispenser all day.  Children are expected to pour out any old water down the cloakroom sinks and refill their water bottle themselves from the dispenser.  There is a table with water bottle holders for the bottles to be stored and packed lunches should also be placed here.


When children have reading books, they are expected to take their reading books out of their book bags and place them in a tray on the yellow, round table on the classroom carpet.  They should also take their name from the magnetic board at the entrance to the classroom and put it into a one of two boxes that show 'packed lunch' or 'school dinner'.  Once this has been done, children should say goodbye to their parents, come to the carpet quietly and sit down.




We operate a rolling snack all day and children can choose to eat a piece of fruit or vegetable and have a drink of milk.  Children not wanting milk can access their water bottles.  During continuous provision (when the children are choosing their own activities) children are able to drink freely and use the toilet facilities without the need to ask permission from staff.


Collective Worship


Children in reception are not expected to attend Collective Worship every day but will usually attend the first one of a new term, when the school has outside visitors and on every other Friday when there is a Family Collective Worship.  This is to minimise disruptions to their learning and recognises that young children, particularly in the Autumn term may find it difficult to sit and concentrate sufficiently.


Morning Playtime


Although whole school playtime is available every morning, children in Oak class may prefer to continue with their play and not be disrupted to go outside to play.  As children are all individuals and have different needs, they are able to make their own decision about whether they go out or not.




Oak Class have their lunch with the nursery children at 12:00 and there is a member of staff to support them whilst they are eating.  They are expected to line up sensibly, select their lunch and carry their plate back to the table.  They then are responsible for scraping their own plate if necessary and taking it up to the lunchtime supervisor before selecting their dessert.


Once children have finished their lunch, they go outside to play until the whistle is blown for afternoon school at 13:15.


Afternoon Registration


In the afternoon we take the register on the carpet and children come in and sit down once they have been collected from the playground by a member of staff.


Afternoon Playtime


Afternoon playtime works in the same way as the morning, with children deciding whether to go out or stay in the classroom.




Children gather on the carpet at 15:00 for a story before their reading books are handed out, their coats and bags collected and they are dismissed by a member of staff to their parents.


The safety of your children is our utmost priority and we will only dismiss children to parents or family members that have been introduced as people who will be collecting children.  If you ask someone to collect your child from school, please be advised that we will only release your child to them if we have been notified of the situation by you.  This could be done personally with a member of staff in the morning, by letter to the class teacher, or by telephone or email to the office.  It is possible to have a standing arrangement with another parent that gives permission for them to collect your child and this can be arranged by notifying the office who will put that person down as an authorised collector of your child.


PE Kits


Oak Class does not have a set PE day so please ensure that children's PE kits are in school each week. Our library day is Wednesday and children will be able to take one book out of the library to share with you at home.  Please note that only one book is permitted at a time and if children wish to select a new book, the one on loan must be returned before a new one can be taken out.  There is no limit on how long a child keeps a library book before it is changed, so if you haven't had a chance to read the book over the week, please hang on to it until you have enjoyed it together.


Family Collective Worship


Every other Friday children will attend Family Collective Worship at 14:45 where one of the classes will present what they have been learning about to the rest of the school.  Parents are invited to attend this event which also shares celebrations of children's achievements through the awarding of a cup to a child in each year group, values stickers and other awards and certificates. 


We will notify parents of the details of which class will be presenting their work and when during the first week of the autumn term.