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4th June 2020 Activity 27 - One Less Than

One Less Than


One of the requirements for the Number Early Learning Goal is to be able to say the number that is one less than a given number up to twenty.


This is a game that I play with the children at school and it can easily be adapted to use at home.  Print out the number resources attached, number cards one to twenty and a numbertrack from one to twenty.  If you haven't got access to a printer, ask your Mum or Dad to make the resources at home using pieces of paper.


Place the number cards face down on the carpet or table and take it in turns to pick up a card, turn it over, say what the number is and then say the number that is one less.  Ideally, this should be done without the need to refer to the numbertrack but for numbers eleven to twenty, the numbertrack might be necessary.


You could also play a one less game by placing all the number cards face up and ask your child to find a certain number.  Your child could then pick up the number card and also the number that is one less than the number you gave.


Take some photographs or video and upload them to Tapestry so I can see how your child got on.