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Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back to school, we hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are ready to get started on a brand, new school year.  This year we have a class of sixteen amazing children in Oak Class and we are looking forward to seeing where their learning will take us.


The first month or so will be spent getting to know all the children and finding out what they enjoy and what their interests are.  I will be completing a baseline assessment of each child so we can measure their progress throughout the year.   During this first half-term we will be focusing on the Prime Areas of Learning, which are:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    We will work towards developing co-operation, teamwork, empathy, self-confidence and managing feelings and behaviour.  All these skills will be achieved through children working and playing together, taking turns and beginning to understand the benefits of working collaboratively rather than as an individual.  We will devise a class code of conduct where the children will share their ideas about how they would like their class to work and what should happen if the code is broken.  Children will plan their activities and review what they have done and why they stuck or didn't stick to their plans.  Children will be encouraged to share their feelings and discuss why they acted in a certain way.

  • Communication and Language

    We will be providing children with a variety of opportunities to develop their listening and attention skills, providing open ended resources that promote creativity and allow them to become highly engaged in their projects.  Children will begin to focus on activities and gradually increase the time that they can concentrate without becoming disruptive.  We will support their understanding when given instructions, by increasing the complexity and assessing their reactions. Children will be encouraged to demonstrate their thinking by talking about how they approached a task, whether it was successful and how they adapted their method if things didn't go to plan.  Finally, we will introduce the children to interesting objects and artifacts that encourage their speaking, suggesting new words to add to their vocabulary and extending their use of tenses to ensure they understand how we talk about the past, present and future.

  • Physical Development

    This area of the curriculum is critical to the development of the specific areas of learning.  Children need to have secured a variety of gross and fine motor skills to enable them to hold a pencil and write, achieve a range of physical, sporting skills including dance and be able to use tools and techniques to participate in art and design. Children will become independent and be able to manage their own, personal needs and understand how to behave to ensure their own and everyone else's safety.  We will consider all the factors that humans need to be healthy and focus on choices relating to food, exercise and behaviour that supports our physical and mental well-being.


These areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum are categorised as prime areas because they lay the foundations for the remaining specific areas which are:


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • The World
  • Expressive Arts and Design


Of course, we will see these areas of the curriculum accessed and children will demonstrate key skills in this area but our main focus and attention will be on the prime areas.


Children will enjoy learning about autumn and the changes it brings along with the celebrations of Harvest, Bonfire Night and Christmas.  We will also be finding out about a whole host of other things that I cannot tell you about because I don't know what they're going to be yet. This is the magic of working in the Early Years with young children and following their interests, it is a very exciting and rewarding process.  


Check back on our class pages to find out what we have got up to during the first half term.




Mrs S Dryden