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Curriculum 2020-2021

Catch-Up Curriculum 2020


As the children settle back into life in school, their happiness and well-being are at the heart of all that we do. Some children were in school for the last half of the summer term 2020, mainly reception, year 1 and year 4 children, as well as some key worker children from years 2 and 3. With this in mind, we have had to plan and adapt the curriculum that we teach this term to accommodate some of the learning they may have missed.



We follow the White Rose maths curriculum. The Autumn Term lessons include recap lessons that cover work from the previous year group. Once we are confident they are secure in the concepts from their previous year, the children then move onto their current year’s curriculum.


There will be some children who may need extra support or practice to become confident. This will be implemented through small group work during lesson time as and when appropriate. There will also be some children who will be offered some catch-up tutoring sessions.



All children have a reading time in class every day and are also expected to read at home each evening. Children who have been identified as needing extra support for reading will be heard regularly in school by the class teacher or teaching assistant.


In all written English work the children are frequently recapping concepts from the previous year group to ensure understanding. This mostly applies to the grammar and punctuation part of the curriculum. They also then move onto the required content for their current year.


As with all curriculum areas, when a gap in understanding is identified this is addressed with either whole class or small group intervention.



Children will continue to learn the topics as set out in the 2 year rolling programme. The skills needed for scientific enquiry will be recapped and built upon using the current topic.


Some content of the learning from Summer 2020 will also be revised to ensure children have understood the topics covered at home.



Learning this term will focus on children’s well-being and ensuring they feel safe and happy in the current Covid-19 conditions.


Other Curriculum Areas

For all the foundation subjects, we identified any gaps in their learning of skills and are building progressively on them through the topics planned for this term. 

Within the current guidelines, we have had to restrict much of the music curriculum this term to listening, appraising and learning about composers.

PE is taught on one afternoon each week.

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