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Maple - Years 3 and 4

Welcome to Maple Class



A warm welcome to our new Year 3 children and welcome back to our new Year 4 children. 

We are thrilled to have you back!


Below you will find information about our routines for Maple class.



Each child will have 2 reading books. They will take one home and keep one in school.

Please encourage your child to read every day at home and record it in their reading record. Please keep the book at home until it is finished. They will then be able to change it for a new one in school and the returned book will be quarantined for 72 hours before being returned to the shelf.


Reading record

The children will take home their reading record on Monday each week.  Please record their reading each day. They must return it on Friday so that we can see their progress and award them stickers after every 5 days of recorded reading at home.  Once the reading records have been checked on Friday they will be quarantined in school until the following Monday. You may record any reading from the weekend when they bring their Reading Record home on Monday.


Home work 

Homework will be set each Monday and should be completed by the following Monday.

It will consist of spellings to learn and a Maths or English activity.  All activities will be posted here on our class page.  The children will have a username and password to access My Maths for the activities set. 


Multiplication Tables

Year 3 children are expected to know their 4x and 8x tables by the end of the year.

Year 4 children are expected to know all of the multiplication tables to 12x12 by the end of the year.

Please support your child through practising  at home for 5 minutes each day.


Our P.E. day is - Wednesday.


Other ways to support your child at home

Telling the time

Measuring length and weight

Sharing books

From 18th January 2021, we will be using Google Classroom for setting our home learning.  We will put all the work on the website for this week too as we make the transition.

From 25th January 2021, we will continue to put the home learning weekly grids here on the website. All work will be set through Google Classroom.


Please contact us using the class email address if you have any queries. 


Thank you.

Coronavirus Book for children