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Spring 2017

In Oak Class music and movement will feature heavily this term and we will be combining mark making and music to support children's gross and fine motor skills as well as encouraging them to demonstrate their feelings through drama and dance. We will be concentrating on consolidating and developing the literacy skills the children have gained during the autumn term. We will be working hard to support reading and comprehension as well as helping children to write sentences independently and to extend their writing into stories and narratives using helicopter stories and story scribing.


We will be talking about people in our communities, describing family events and traditions and considering our own positions within groups, clubs, school and families. The children will have the chance to see images of abstract paintings by Kadinsky, Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Bruce Gray. They will then have the opportunity to create their own artwork in the style of these artists.


This term is a great opportunity for the children to see nature in action through the changes that occur in spring and we will be following their interests and introducing them to experiences to support their understanding of scientific processes and change.


The spring term is my favourite time of the year. Children, who have gained huge confidence in the first term, often demonstrate great progress and development during this term.


As always, I am very happy to discuss your child's learning and progress, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Mrs S Dryden