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Spring 2019

Happy New Year!


We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing break.


This term in Oak Class, we will be focusing on writing both accurate letter formation and supporting children to come up with their own sentences.  Once a child knows what they want to write, we will continue helping them to segment words so that they feel confident to have a go at writing independently.  In the afternoons two or three times a week we will be enjoying 'Helicopter Stories' where children will have the opportunity to act out stories with their friends that they have written or dictated to an adult.  Acting out stories helps children understand how a story is structured, how characters might act and speak with expression when adding narration or dialogue.  As time goes by, children will begin to write more and more of their own stories, seeing a purpose for their writing which is shared by the whole class.


In maths we will be concentrating on numbers from eleven to twenty so that all children can work confidently with numbers up to twenty before the Easter break.  We will achieve this through daily maths carpet sessions, a combination of whole class work and small group activities and plenty of maths games during continuous provision.  We incorporate maths in many of our daily routines so that the children can see that maths is connected to our everyday lives, not just twenty minutes on the carpet before lunch.


Of course the children will continue to have long periods of continuous provision where they are free to choose activities and resources that interest them.  We are looking forward to continuing to being part of the children's development over the spring term.




Mrs S Dryden

Early Years Lead