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Spring Term 2020

Oak Class – Spring Term 2020


Welcome back to school, we hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to the new term.


We are nearing the end of our first set of Focus Child observations and will be beginning a new cycle so look out for your child’s Focus Child information sheet which we will put into their bookbag.


Our aim for the Focus Child Week is to get at least one observation across each area of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  There are seven main areas with sub areas attached to each one:


Personal Social and Emotional Development             Making Relationships

                                                                                    Self Confidence and Self Awareness

                                                                                    Managing Feelings and Behaviour


Communication and Language                                   Listening & Attention                                                                                                                                                              Understanding



Physical Development                                                Moving and Handling

                                                                                    Health and Self Care


Literacy                                                                        Reading



Mathematics                                                                Number

                                                                                    Shape, Space and Measure


Understanding of the World                                         People and Communities

                                                                                    The World



Expressive Arts and Design                                        Exploring and Using Media and Materials

                                                                                    Being Imaginative


You will notice that the observations reported about your child during their focus week will have headings that show the areas of learning that the observation has demonstrated.


In the next couple of weeks, I will be putting in place a regular day for PE, which will be Tuesday afternoon.  To begin with we will just ask the children to take off their shoes and socks to go into the hall but once every child has a PE kit in school, we will expect them to change into their kit.


Spring term is one of the busiest of the year for Oak Class, as we will be focusing specifically on independent reading and writing as well as mathematical understanding.  These are the areas of learning that are particularly challenging for young children and we will be increasing the number of activities available for the children to select during continuous provision to support their development.


Numbers from 11-20 can be difficult for children to identify and we would urge you to talk about identifying numbers with your child whenever the opportunity arises.  At school, we encourage the children to talk about what they know and how this can help them.  For example, we have been doing lots of work on automatic recognition of dice patterns and pointing out how one pattern can help us identify what number a different pattern represents.  The relationship between the dice pattern of two and three or four and five are good examples of this.  Supporting children to develop their mathematical understanding and reasoning and encouraging them to talk about it provides an excellent foundation for Year 1 and leads to sound problem solving and higher order thinking.


This year we will also be talking about Chinese New Year, thinking about the Easter story and how it can be meaningful for young children and trying some musical activities that we hope to be able to present in one of our Family Collective Worships.


I am always available to talk to you about your child or answer any questions you may have about the curriculum, so please don’t hesitate to speak to me in the morning or after school.



Mrs S Dryden