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Summer Term 2019

Welcome to the Summer Term.


We hope that you have all had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to enjoying more warm and sunny weather.


This term we will be introducing a PE lesson for the children in Oak Class which will be on a Tuesday afternoon.  We will use the outside area as much as possible but we can also use the school hall if the weather is poor.


The children will be developing their 'Body Skills':


  • Balancing - whilst moving around on a range of different surfaces.
  • Controlling movements - such as judging how hard to soft to throw a ball or control the body when running, stopping, climbing and balancing.
  • Co-ordination for climbing and crawling .
  • Muscle/body strength for pushing, pulling and carrying.
  • Body awareness to go under, through and between obstacles of play equipment.
  • Eye hand or eye foot co-ordination for throwing, catching and hitting a ball.
  • Linking actions for skipping or other continuous movements later such as hopscotch, hopping, music and movement.


All children will need to have a PE kit and we suggest that it is left at school throughout the half-term and only taken home for washing after the last PE lesson or the last day of the half-term. 


It is important that the children can be independent when changing in and out of different clothes ahead of moving into Sycamore Class in September.


We will of course continue playing and interacting with your children, following their interests and developing and extending their experiences to maximise their attainment.  We are hoping to introduce them to a range of artists whose styles are easy for children to emulate, such as Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kadinsky and George Seurat.


As always, if you have any concerns or questions please let us know.



Mrs S Dryden and Mrs E White