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Weekly Activities

Week beginning 21-9-20

This week, there is a Mymaths activity to complete.  It will be available from 21-9-20 to 28-9-20.

Week beginning 28-9-20 Please use the photograph to write a description of the setting and bring your description (on paper) to school on Monday 5th October.

Week beginning 05-10-20 -  This week there is a MyMaths activity to complete. It is available from 5/10/20 to 12/10/20.



Week beginning 12-10-20    English - Expanded noun phrases.  Please choose one of the sheets either 'Under the sea' or 'Vikings'.   Please follow the instructions on the sheet and return it to school on Monday 19-10-20.

Week beginning 19-10-20 - This week your homework is a MyMaths activity. It is available from 19-10-20 until 26-10-20.