Studham Village CofE Academy

Learning to Care, Caring to Learn - All Flourishing as Children of God

Weekly Activities

Week beginning 21-9-20

This week, there is a Mymaths activity to complete.  It will be available from 21-9-20 to 28-9-20.

Week beginning 28-9-20 Please use the photograph to write a description of the setting and bring your description (on paper) to school on Monday 5th October.

Week beginning 05-10-20 -  This week there is a MyMaths activity to complete. It is available from 5/10/20 to 12/10/20.



Week beginning 12-10-20    English - Expanded noun phrases.  Please choose one of the sheets either 'Under the sea' or 'Vikings'.   Please follow the instructions on the sheet and return it to school on Monday 19-10-20.

Week beginning 19-10-20 - This week your homework is a MyMaths activity. It is available from 19-10-20 until 26-10-20.

Week beginning 2-11-20  English

Please choose one of the sheets to complete.   Using inverted commas (speech marks).

Week beginning 09.11.20 - Please complete the MyMaths activity set. It will be available from 9.11.20 to 16.11.20.


Year 4 - If you prefer, there are also some practice sheets for subtraction needing exchange. There is an explanatory powerpoint on column addition and subtraction to remind you how to exchange and how to record it. Please feel free to do this instead of the Mymaths and bring it into school for checking.

Week beginning 16-11-20. 

English homework.  Please follow the instructions on the activity sheet and bring your homework to school on Monday 23rd November.

Week beginning 23-11-20 

Year 3 - There is a MyMaths task for you to complete on addition and subtraction.

Year 4 - Have a go at the puzzle below - 'Prison Cells'. If you find any strategies for solving the problem then please write down how you found your answer. You might start with trial and adjustment, but think about the choices you make and why you make them. 

Week beginning 30-11-20

This week, you will be using conjunctions (joining words) to extend your sentences. Please choose one of the activity sheets to complete for your year group and return it to school Monday 7th December.  If you don't wish to print the sheet then please write your sentences on a piece of paper.

Week beginning 7.12.20 - MyMaths - Please complete the activity set. It will be available from 7.12.20 until 18.12.20.

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