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Early Years Phonics

In reception, we begin our phonics journey by consolidating the learning that will have already taken place in a nursery or preschool.  Children will be supported to recognise a range of sounds; environmental, instrumental, rhyme and alliteration as well as some initial letter sounds they may have learnt.


We will then begin a daily timetable of whole class phonics that begin by introducing children to individual letter sounds using the Supersonic Phonics Friends programme and then moving onto more complex vowel and consonant diagraphs (two letters making one sound) and trigraphs (three letters making one sound).  We use a range of strategies and programmes to teach phonics to ensure that children are engaged and enjoy the sessions.  


I have uploaded a video that demonstrate the correct 'pure' pronunciation of these sounds so that you will be able to support your child when they bring a reading book home to share with you, as well as some useful documents relating to phonics.


All the information relating to the way we teach reading can be found in the 'Early Years Reading' section on the class pages.





What is Phonics?

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How to pronounce the pure sounds

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How to blend

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