Studham Village CE Academy

Caring to Learn, Learning to Care - All Flourishing as Children of God

Our School Houses

Welcome to our School Houses


We have four school houses at Studham and each house is represented by our four, core values that make up our CARE ethos:







Find out about each house below.

Challenge is our Red House.


We encourage our children to consider how to solve problems through actively listening to other people's views and adapting their own understanding.  We challenge our children, and our staff, to be the very best they can be, both in their learning and their personal relationships.


'May we feel challenged to deepen our understanding'


Staff Members:

Mrs Brazier and Miss Harris

Aspire is our Green House.


We encourage and support our children and our staff to aim high and show them that high aspiration can lead to high achievement.  Individual and collaborative learning experiences, a positive growth mindset and a sense of responsibility empowers our children both in and outside the classroom.


'May we aspire to be the best person we can be'.


Staff Members:

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Brewster and Ms Oldham

Resilience is our Blue House.


At Studham we recognise that in order to develop resilience our children and staff need to be ready to try new experiences without the fear or making a mistake or failing.  This positive attitude is modelled across our school, actively encouraging children to 'get into the Learning Pit' and do their best.


'May we show resilience when learning is difficult'.


Staff members:

Miss Flowers, Mrs White and Mrs Savage

Engage is our Yellow House.


Our pedagogy supports the engagement of our children in teaching and learning.  Children have the opportunity to influence their own learning through age-appropriate and progressive themes and topics.  Effective learning characteristics including being ambitious, reflective and creative are shown when actively engaging with school life.


'May we engage fully and happily with all the opportunities presented to us'.


Staff Members:

Mrs Colliass and Mrs Reed