Studham Village CE Academy

Caring to Learn, Learning to Care - All Flourishing as Children of God

A Visit to the Pantomime

We had a very exciting end to our week with a whole school visit to the pantomime.  Our children had two things to remember, to listen and follow adult instructions and to have fun.


They certainly remembered the first point and we are exceptionally proud of all our children from preschool to Year 4 for their exemplary behaviour throughout the morning (the staff weren’t too bad either 😉).


As far as the second point goes, we can confirm that they certainly had fun, it took some time for our ears to recover!


Just another day at Studham Academy


It’s the pantomime today, we’re going on the bus,

Listen to the grownups, no one wants a fuss,

Hold hands with your partner, keep in the line,

Watch where you’re going and everything will be fine.


Take off your coat and put it on the chair,

When the show begins wave your hands in the air,

Cheer all the heroes, get involved with their fight,

And when you see the villain, boo with all your might.


Widow Twankey was so funny, very big and loud,

Looking for another husband, picking Mr Macleod,

Mr Macleod was brilliant, joined in with all the fun,

Managed to stay in character until the show was done.


Our grownups were so happy, look how proud they are,

Said that every boy and girl deserved a Studham Star ⭐️,

But the treats were not over, there was still more to come,

Christmas festivities back at school hosted by our mums.


A huge thank you to our wonderful PTFA for supporting our visit to the pantomime and for putting on the Christmas activities during the afternoon.  Your help and support means so much to the school and our children.